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Here's my story...

I was starting to look at the Internet as a business medium since the end of 2005. Because I have an education background in Information Engineering, I thought it would be a piece of cake to start a profitable online business.

Boy was I wrong!

During my first months, I was spending more than I should. There are so many information out there that telling you that you need this tool, you need that software to make profit online.

Most of them are bogus information!

To tell you the truth, you don't need much tools to start your online business. There are however, some basic tools that you need to have. But that's all.

I'm going to hand you over what I have learnt with blood and tears so you don't have to.

Here's just a taste of what you'll learn:
  • What is a domain name and why you need one
  • What is the best domain name to have
  • The must-have tool if you want to build a profitable online
  • Use this tool to make money while you're sleeping or traveling
  • About 'viral marketing' and the best tool to spread the virus
  • A free tool to build a virtual desktop
  • The best tool to keep communication with your customers and make them buy from you over and over again ...
  • and much, much more ...

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Here's what you are going to get from my best blog posts:

  • The best type of website for your online business.

  • A superb technology that allows you to promote your business while interacting with your blog's reader. HINT: you can get it for FREE.

  • What is a mastermind group and why it is important for your success.

  • What you should focus on your online business before you do anything else.

  • and much, much more

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